Thursday, October 27, 2011

The latest..

This is Lisa.. Shawna's sister. Shawna will be updating her blog probably in the next few days. In the meantime, I figured I could give everyone the update so Shawna doesn't have to worry about keeping everyone in the know. She and Robbie are incredibly grateful for all of your texts/emails/phone calls/messages, and can't respond to everyone like she wants to! Tenley Jane just wants to be held by her mama, and that is what Shawna wants to be doing anyway...

Tenley had her surgery yesterday to put the PICC line in. This is to administer all the chemo and any other drugs she needs. Shawna said Tenley handles it much better than the IV in her little hand. She didn't like that at all... Because she was doing so well, Tenley started Chemo last night. Day 1 of 10. She did really well through the 6 hour process. She never got nauseous, and then slept pretty well. The Docs and Nurses were in and out of her room all night to check her vitals and diapers. Shawna said Tenley is being her cute self and snuggling with her mama constantly. Keep all of them in your prayers! Thanks for your support. We feel the prayers lifting us up!

To buy a Tenley Rally Band to show your support, go to and click on store. I also have some on hand at my house if anyone wants to come and buy them directly for me! Remember the proceeds go toward this darling family!

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Jen and Jared said...

Thanks for the update Lisa :) We will keep praying for you guys!