Friday, October 7, 2011

Starting school

First day of school.
New town, new teacher, and of course a new backpack!

Check out how excited she is! (mostly because of her new "packpack")

I am so proud of how well Taryn is doing in preschool. She has learned how to write out her name, and does it constantly! I'm so glad that she enjoys school and jumps out of the car each morning telling me she can walk up by herself... then yells, "Bye Mom... I love you!"

Tenley wasn't as thrilled for her to leave on her first day... which is funny because we've had many days when Taryn will go play with a friend and I get to spend some quality time with just Tenley.... but this day she was not happy to see her go.

Taryn reassured her by saying, "It's ok Tenley, I'll be back soon! I love you!"

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ericksonslc said...

darling girls! Love these two so much!