Sunday, October 16, 2011

Something Spooky is lurking...

Just thought I'd post our most scary Halloween decoration...

Oh, did you want a closer look?
Yup, that's a real life spider Robbie and Taryn found when I was out doing errands.

And guess what. Robbie LEFT. IT. THERE!!!!
What the heck! Who does that?!?! Gives me major heeby jeeby's

Guess what else...
We are heading to UT on Tuesday! Not for the best of circumstances... Robbie's grandma passed away. She was 91 and had lived a long, full, beautiful life. So I think the whole family is comforted with her going "home."

We will be celebrating her life with his family, and then spending the rest of the week enjoying the wonderful fall weather there :)

Oh... and also celebrating my main squeezes day of birth!!
Happy 31 years Robbie!!
I Love You SOOOOO Much.... and I'm sure glad your grandma took your family in at a time of need, cause without that great service I probably wouldn't have met YOU!


Allison and Josh said...

That spider is giving me the creeps just from the picture! EW! I hope I get to see you while you're here!

Natalie said...

That spider is too big... it needs to die.