Friday, February 24, 2012

day by day play

So far this week proved to be a good one!  Tenley has been doing great.  She is playing, eating a ton, and running all around just living life best she knows how in her hospital room.  I am always in awe with how happy she can be stuck there.  
Here are some pictures to prove it... (my camera is somewhere hiding, so I've had to resort to using my phone.)

This is how we stay busy day after day...

coloring and playing with play dough

meeting and playing with the pet therapy doggies!

She loved this one.  Her name was Mary and she was so sweet.
Tenley wanted to do everything she was doing.

We watch people walk back and forth from the parking garage... 
and watch for our own friends and family!

Then we color some more.  Even if it's on the couch.  I don't even care!! (plus it comes right off) 

This is what she looooves to do.  Especially when she is free from the IV tower.  

Oh, and this smart preschooler of mine had her very first report!  They are learning all about famous American's who have changed our country.  She did hers on Clara Barton.  I thought it was fitting since we are now so familiar with the medical world.  She loved getting dressed up and made sure everyone knew who she was.

She also has been telling me all about the man with the white fluffy hair.  That he cut down a cherry tree and couldn't tell a lie.
Then there's the man with the black beard who is on all of our penny's and was a really good man.

You should hear her recite the pledge of allegiance.  Cutest thing ever.

Tenley's counts still haven't dropped all the way down.  They have to hit zero and then make their way back up slowly before we get to say peace out f.o.r.e.v.e.r!  I was so shocked to learn her ANC was at 7700 when we started this round!  That is like a totally normal happy ANC!  I will take that and run with it any day!

Last night was one of those nights when I had to repeat over and over... we can do this, we are almost out of here, I can handle this for a couple more weeks.
The nurse has to check Tenley's vitals every 4 hours.  Even during the night.  Tenley is usually pretty good about sleeping through them, but at 4 am it seems like she thinks it's a wake up call.

This morning was no different.
I tried to ignore her and pretend to be asleep hoping she would lay back down, but finally around 5:30 I got her out of the crib and we rocked for awhile.  She kept pointing to the TV and I'd say softly, "no."  Which then led to a major cry fest.  At 7 am she was snoring and after I tried transitioning her to the crib with no luck, we turned on the TV.


By the time 9:00 came and a wonderful friend of ours (Sandi Rice) came to take over... I was feeling so frustrated by this whiny child of mine.  She was so overly tired and crying about anything and everything.  That's what ya get when you wake up at 4!  Thankfully she didn't cry for long after I left, and Sandi was happy to rock and love her.

Then there is my 4 year old.  She had a rough night of her own.  Let's just say there was a major tantrum going on in the middle of the night.  It involved kicking and scratching my poor sister Amy.

So, again I will repeat... We can do this!  We are almost done!  We can handle it for a few more weeks!

Then it will be on to a getaway here.
and here.
I can't wait to go HERE!

Watching the videos makes me cry just knowing we will have made it through!  I think I'll cry with every magical moment.

Then it will be Spring and Summer and Babies!  Oh my!!!  


Tiffany Ann said...

shawna-your strength amazes me daily! your positive attitude and beautiful spirit are so inspiring! i cannot wait for the day you have your sweet girls at disneyland just the thought of that picture makes me sooooo happy! your journey through all this has taught me so much-i am so proud of you and all the hard things you have overcome! tenley is so fortunate to have a strong loving mommy! and taryn looks so adorable in her nurse them both! cant wait to see you again-stay strong!

Wendy Burr said...

You're so amazing, Shawna. Seriously. Wow. I wish I could be so upbeat and positive.

If ANYONE deserves Disneyland, it's you and your beautiful family! I'm so happy for you, that you were able to make that happen!

Piano Mom said...

I'm so glad you got one of the ICS suite rooms, that couch/bed is so much more comfy and it's GREAT for playtime for the little kiddos. I hope her count drop and recovery are really quick so you guys can get home and be done!

You totally deserve a trip to Disneyland. I wish that every cancer kid (no matter how old) could do seems like the wishes are for the WHOLE family that had to endure the cancer trial and I'm glad that you are getting to go have some fun now that you're near the end.

Those pictures of Tenley look so much like Erin. It's so real for me to see them. They look so similiar since they were so close in age at diagnosis. When we were in there I wished SO MUCH to meet someone with a little 2 year old who also had AML. It's just so helpful having friends who know.

I hope you guys are doing well and that things stay uneventful. I remember those early morning and late night tantrums. Sometimes I'd feel so bad that I wasn't patient with Erin during those times when I just wanted to sleep. I remember making her lay in bed alone (we often used to sleep together in a full-size bed) and she just sobbed herself to sleep. I was so tired. Cancer is so draining on everyone and looking back I wish I'd just given her a little more love for all that she was going through. You are doing such a good job through all of this. You are pushing through with all the strenth you have and you will be blessed for it.

Here's to a good LAST round!

Heather and Dave said...

You are so strong and so cute with darling Taryn and Tenley. Keep up the good work and we'll cross our fingers this last round zooms by so you can enjoy a fabulous Disneyland vacation!!! Hope you are feeling good with two more gorgeous babes cookin ;)

Amie and Steve said...

I got your blog address from some 15th warders . . . I hope that's ok! I cam back to work and you guys were gone! I was so excited but so sad I didn't get to say goodbye or find out about the twins!I hope everything at home is going well and that everyone is feeling awesome! You have to come visit so I can see how sweet Tenley is doing . . . the rest of you too!

nurse Amie