Friday, February 17, 2012

when love is real

After spending the week reading the daily love entries on one of my favorite blogs, I felt inspired.

Inspired to describe what I know as true love.

I met Robbie one week after my 18th birthday.  It wasn't long until I found my thoughts swirling and whirling as I could only think of him.  We spent every day together.  We talked on the phone constantly, we sang cheesy love songs to one another, and every night as we said our goodbyes... it took over an hour to really leave each others side.

I knew I wanted to spend my forever with him, no questions asked.

But I never knew how much life we would really experience before ever hitting our ten year mark.

Love is not easy.  It is always a work in progress.... but when it is real, it is always worth working for.

I was married young.  Very very young, and I would not ever change that.  Sometimes I wonder what experiences I may have had, had I not been married right away.  Then I realize how blessed I am to have such a real relationship that has grown and aged over the years.  I could not have made it through a lot of things without Robbie there beside me.  He has a way with putting things into perspective.  He has learned how to listen to me, letting me say all that I need to.
That is a skill that takes a lot of work....

Cancer brings on more stress than you can ever imagine.  Try dealing with that stress with your spouse 500 miles away.  It was beginning to tear us down.  I wanted things, and he wanted things.  We were not on the same page.  It was creating this horrible barrier and everyone around us felt it.

Thankfully we have grown... a lot... and those listening skills needed to be used in full force.  We spent a day collaborating, communicating, and compromising.  Everything was put out on the table, and ever since then, we have a new understanding for one another.  I have grown to love this man more than I thought I could.

Even tough our life isn't glitzy or glamorous, or even what we had hoped for and imagined... we have each other forever.  I have learned that that is what is most important.  We are a team.  I know he loves our children more than himself.  I worried about telling him the news of me being pregnant.  Oh how I was wrong with what I had imagined his reaction to be.  All I could think of was how much more stress this would put on our lives, and he... he couldn't stop smiling.

No matter the obstacles we face -and believe me, there have been many- I am confident we will see them through.  Continuing to grow together as one.  Know one knows me better.  I hope he knows how much I truly love him...
for always and forever.


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Natalie said...

aaahhh I love this:) miss you:(

Tiffany Ann said...

Adorable...I love the pics especially the beach one-you look exactly like Taryn! You two are a sweet and loving couple deserving of each others greatness! The love you two share is evident on your pics and in your childrens faces! You are an amazing you both!

Allison and Josh said...

Beautiful post, Shawna! I'll never forget being at Tiare's house the summer after we graduated and you telling us about the boy you met at youth conference and how you were going to marry him. You two are a beautiful couple and you make some gorgeous babies.

Mindy said...

This is perfect. So beautiful. I look up to you.