Monday, November 3, 2008

But I don't want to Fall Back!

Boo to Daylight Savings! It's 5:30 and already DARK outside! I've never been a fan of the whole falling back thing. I know we get an "extra hour" of sleep, but is it worth it to have the sun gone before dinner time? Spring forward is a happy day, it means warm weather followed by long summer nights.

Spring forward is too far away :(

I guess I need to enjoy the present and maybe get Taryn into bed earlier :)

On a more positive note: I did some D.I shopping today. Nothing too exciting. No toys worthy to take home, no furniture to salvage and make my own, no funky home decor to look at and enjoy.

Just a skirt for Taryn that I found just before giving up on a search for anything good. It reminded me of NieNie with the little birdies and bright colors. I love that family, they are so cute. That's the type of family I want to be...happy, content, full of love and laughter
...and more love.

So far I think we're pretty close.

One more find... this glass dispenser for my kitchen dish soap.
I've been keeping my eye out for one of these!

And another random note (that includes more Halloween) I made these "mummies" for our Halloween dinner. Not much of a dinner, but they were all I could manage and they actually turned out pretty cute and yummy!

Now I think I'll go AJAX my sink and listen to really early Christmas music to get me out of my Fall Back depression...

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Jeanette said...

What??!! Fall depression? I can't believe you don't like fall, it's my absolute favorite! Bring Taryn over and let's take some pictures to help you love fall. It's the absolute most beautiful of all the seasons, I can't get enough of it. Sorry, I'll stop my ranting- I loved your post once again. Your fabulous! I am still working on my tag, soon to come. And seriously, let's do a photoshoot!