Thursday, November 6, 2008

The life of a Ute fan.

Can't sit down - too intense.

YES! TCU missed the field goal!

Happy because we got the ball

Oh crap, Brian Johnson is throwing away every pass...

Worried because TCU still has the lead :(

Happy TCU sucks AGAIN getting the field goal

HELLS YA! (Utes say that)
We made a freaking touchdown! Utah in the lead!


Love the Utes.
Love my wife.
Love my dog.

happy ending.


ericksonslc said...

Love, Love this post!! Go Utes!! and by the way your house looks so cute.

htt:// said...

Just happened upon your blog. Love it. I can relate to the football fever. I live in Louisiana and am a die hard LSU fan!!!!! Your daughter is precious!

Jen said...

Okay, guess I could leave my name right!

The Mcclellan Family said...

Hey there, the calendars sure do sound fun but we have been so busy lately it's like I can't even breath. Let me know when and where and I would love nothing more than to fit it into this crazy life Adam has created lately. I swear all we do is recruit for the summer while I try to hold the kid, house, dog and myself together, whew! I'm up in slc once a week for sure, otherwise I'm holding down the fort in happy valley. Yes, we are the only Ute fans down here. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawna,

We wore red UTES T-shirts as we watched that game last night. We are so happy that Utes WON!!!!!!!! YEA!!!! YEA!!!!! UTES need to win 2more games and go to the bowl!!!!

Gooooooooo UTES!!!!!!!

Love, Aunt Liz