Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Thankful for Y.O.U.

Thanksgiving was fun and full of great memories this year. Every holiday is ten times better with a little one around. I love our tradition of going out to a movie, coming back to my Aunt Becky's and munching on snacks while dinner is being prepared. Making a Christmas craft, and then finally enjoying the fruits of our (well I should say Becky and my Mom's) labor. We go around the table and say what we are thankful for, talk about funny stories, and just enjoy the company of the ones we love. Then it's time for another movie (this time more cuddled up) and afterward we finish the night off eating some homemade pies.

This year I am so very thankful for having so many people who love me. I feel so blessed to have a loving family, wonderful friends, a husband who is my best friend, and a daughter who gives me joy everyday.
I love you all!

I really don't think she can get any cuter.

The girls making our Christmas crafts.

The men "chillaxin" watching football

My cute parents

Let's carve up that bird!

It weighed more than Taryn.

Grandma LOVES this girl

Her Thanksgiving day outfit.

So sleepy, such a long day!


Becky said...

love it! It was a great day. and Taryn made it even more fun!

Lizzy said...

You are your sisters are so cute. And that is the biggest turkey I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed looking at pictures! It sounds like you guys had so much fun at Aunt Becky's! Taryn is more fun to look at! Soooo cute!!! I am so blessed to have you all in my family! I love you all!!!!

See you very soon!
Love, Aunt Liz :)