Friday, November 21, 2008


Taryn turned 18 months old on November 10th.

18 months that came and went in a blink of an eye.

18 months of the greatest blessings and challenges I've had so far.

So here a few of the fun things Taryn has discovered lately...

-Her form of "running" - so funny and she does it with such excitement.

-Repeating names and words after me. Usually just MOM, DaaaaaDa, Ci (lexi), Ma (grandma), Pees (please), Uh-Oh, and my newest favorite,
Monkey! (monkitty)

-Laughing at herself and knowing when she is being funny

-I LOVE her crazy hair in the morning, she looks like a little bird.

-Dancing. She'll bob her head if she's in her car seat or high chair, but if she's free then it's either swaying back and forth or bobbing her bum up and down.

- Another new thing she's figured out is how to color. Today she made this beautiful picture ;)

- Whining. This is a skill she is very good at.

- Singing. Taryn loves to sing to herself while playing in her room, while we're riding in the car, or really just whenever wherever.

- She loves to splash and play in the tub. If it were up to her, she'd probably stay in there for at least an hour.

- She loves to be social when we're at any store. Especially when there are kids around, she says "Hi" to them all.

- Sleeping all night, every night. (I'm sure I just jinxed myself.)

-Playing with Lexi. That never seems to get old, I hope it never does!

- Trying to get herself dressed. She'll get socks and shoes and try so hard to put them on herself, and when she can't do it (which is every time) she gets mad and frustrated.

- Turning more and more into a cuddle bug. I'm loving this and hope it continues!

Overall I love my booga baby (not such a baby anymore) and I can't wait to see what the future will unfold!


Shanny said...

The greatest thing about 18 months is nursery. Congratulations! By the way have I mentioned I LOVE your hair!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawna,

I laughed as I looked at how funny Taryn's hair is when she wakes up. ha ha LOL!!!! I love your new profile picture on facebook! Cute!

Love, Aunt Liz :)

Carrie Ross said...

It makes me want to cry to see how much she's grown up. But I'm also way excited for her getting older. She is such a doll and I love being the Aunt of such a darling little girl!

Becky said...

I love both your and Taryn's blue eyes!! And I love your hair. Tayrn has grown up right before our eyes, I hate how fast it went.

The Mcclellan Family said...

I really do like the hair.