Monday, November 10, 2008

Going out to dinner.

We went out for dinner
Saturday night to Koyo.
Taryn wasn't in the mood to eat,
so we found other ways of entertaining...

Like eating the table.

Or becoming a big girl and drinking out of a glass.

And then feeling sad because she thought
she got in trouble... :(

Once in a blue moon she'll give us kisses...

c'mon, please?

Oh, I don't know...

Maybe ONE...

or TWO!!

Should I give ONE to mommy?!

oh, I guess SO....

Then came the chopsticks.
Those were pure fun entertainment for at least 20 minutes...

HAIR sticks.

DRUM sticks.


FEED me sticks???

How about FEED mommy and daddy sticks. (OR SPOON)

No food compares to a good Piat.

*PIAT: Another term for binki or pacifier.

And yes, I did color my like?


Katherine said...

Love the hair!

ericksonslc said...

Wow I love your hair!! It looks great.

Poe said...

The hair is killer! Lookin' good!

P.S. Sorry I haven't done my tag ... I'm lame, I know.

Brett and Lisa said...

longest post ever. you should get a prize.

Shawna Wilson said...

Yes, this is a very long post, but you try deciding what pictures to cut out of Taryn! They're all so cute I just can't help myself!!

I think you should give me a cute long mustard colored sweater for my award. :)

Jones Fam said...

She is sooo cute! Zoey has that same shirt - TWINS! And I love your hair!!!

Todd and Jenn said...

These pictures are so cute. I love your hair.

Anonymous said...


I loved looking at cute pictures of Taryn playing with chopsticks and straw! Fun! Taryn is so cute! Yes, I love your hair anyway... :)

Love ya, Aunt Liz

Taryn and the boys said...

Taryn is so cute. I love your hair. Hey I don't have your email and on a whim I made our blog private so if you want an invite email me and I'll send you one.