Monday, October 10, 2011

rockin pumpkins and yummy spiders!!

We have made some really fun friends here in Sparks
A couple of girls Taryn adores are Lilly and London. I have to say they (and their mama) are pretty awesome!

We've had them over to play a lot lately, so one day to keep them busy I decided to have them make a fun little Halloween craft. We have a million rocks in our backyard, so we decided to turn some of those rocks into pumpkins! I already had everything we needed... and they thought it was the coolest thing ever!

having fun painting, and being silly.

the finished product!
We sprayed them with gold pray paint, glued on googly eyes, buttons, and sparkly jewels for earrings.

Rachel (their mom) asked me to trim up the girls hair if I could - well of course I could! I have to say I did the cutest cut on her little one London... Honestly, I couldn't get over how adorable it looked.

I love little girl bobs!

and of course Lilly looked darling too with a fresh new trim!
I honestly LOVE to do hair and make girls of all ages feel beautiful!

Last week we got "Boo'd"
We were in the middle of eating dinner and someone knocked on the door. Taryn jumped up to see who was there, opened the door and said, "What the Heck?!" then squealed and kept saying, "What the heck Mom! What the HECK! Who left these treats for us?!"

I told her we now get to do the same thing for some of her friends! She couldn't wait to surprise them and kept reminding me we had to wait for night time to do it.

We decided to make some cute spider cupcakes. Taryn could hardly wait to make them. She had school the next morning and told her teacher all about the "boo" and the spider cupcakes we were going to make.
I love making holidays exciting and getting in the spirit of the season!

All you need to make these guys....

This one loves to help me in the kitchen

cute right?!

Yay for Halloween fun!!!