Monday, November 21, 2011


Yes... it is true!  We are free from the hospital! (for a few days at least) I can't even put into words how thrilled it made me when they gave us the unexpected news Saturday morning.  I was planning on staying for at least another week.
Tenley and I slept in (after going to bed late) until 9am.  As soon as we got up, the doctors came in and delivered this exciting new!  I was so disheveled... leftover makeup smeared on my face, an Olympus baseball Tshirt and pj bottoms on, and a really bad puffy polygamist looking braid.

But who the heck cares cause WE ARE GOING HOME!

I hopped up and down with Tenley in my arms and she squealed with delight!  From that moment on, I swear she knew what was going on.  No one could rain on our parade!  That evening I took down all the decorations, pictures, and banners in her room.  As I did so I thought, this could be a bad idea... what if they change their minds and tomorrow they say, uh nevermind!  I was on pins and needles waiting for the official go ahead. 

Sunday morning we woke up, watched a couple of movies while she received platelets, and an antibiotic. After changing her lumens, and going through the requirements of home rules, we were free to leave!  My aunt and uncle came to help with the last load of clothes and such.  I couldn't believe we were really leaving and saying goodbye to round one!  I don't think I could have stopped smiling if I wanted to.  
After getting a couple of insanely expensive meds at the pharmacy we  walked outside to get into the car. We were outside!  OUTSIDE!!!  Then we were riding in the car!  RIDING IN THE CAR!!! Then the best moment of all was walking into my parents house and hearing Taryn run from the hallway screaming... "TENLEY! TENLEY!!  TENLEY!!!!!"

It was like Christmas morning for them to be together.  Tenley's face was pure joy.  It took her a few minutes to let me put her down, but after realizing I wasn't leaving she was so happy to take some wobbly steps and let Taryn overload her with love and trinkets.

Ready in her "going home" outfit.  

Can you tell I'm super excited!!!  
I've been wearing this same outfit for two days!

We made it outside...

Taryn couldn't wait to put "jewelry's" on her


This was today... skyping Daddy while he is at work.  
Tenley kissed him through the computer about 100 times.
She was so excited to see him saying DADA! over and over!

Snuggling on this chilly winter day, watching shows, and Grandma set up the tree.
Could life be any better at this point?!

The only drama we've had was last night getting everything set up...  A separate delivery man brought all the medication, antibiotics, TPN (liquid nutrition), syringes, lines, more syringes, and just what seemed like a boat load of medical stuff.  
It was overwhelming to say the least.

Luckily, about 30 minutes later the home health care nurse came and we walked through everything together.  Most of it was very familiar to me since I've seen how the nurses flush Tenley's lines over and over again.  I can't believe how much medical info I've been able to pick up in just one month.  

I was insanely nervous about doing this all on my own, and of course after the nurse got everything running and had left, one of the pumps started beeping.  
Oh great.  (ok, that was not my real wording)

Tenley had just fallen asleep and now I have to figure out what this beeping means... Code Error 099/45/09415190 - or something like that is what it said.
Really???  W.T.F.

So, I gave the nurse (Dave) a call and he too was stumped.  
Double great.
After he called the pharmacy, they ordered a new pump and ordered the delivery guy come back over.  

In the meantime... Kim (you know, my other half) was getting a bajillion missed calls from Taryn.  She was calling her repeatedly on my phone and on one message Taryn said, hello... hello.  uh hello Kim?  lalalaaa la laaa lalalaaa.... followed by My mom saying in the background in a crying voice, "they said her body isn't.." click
After she tried calling me, my mom, and the house trying to figure out what this all meant, Taryn answered and just said, "my mom is talking to the doctor."  
You can imagine what crazy horrible thoughts were running through her mind!  
11:00 came and she was on my moms porch sobbing hysterically!  I almost lost her to a heart attack!  

Thankfully we were not that deep into trouble.  Just waiting for the delivery guy and nurse to show up so we could go to bed!  At 11:45 they showed up, got us switched and 5 minutes later they were gone and we were ready to hit the sack.  

AWE, can I just say how amazing it was to sleep 6 hours straight!  At 6 am I had to gice Tenley her antibiotic.  Through her line.  The line that runs straight to her heart.  Yeah, that thought freaks me out.  But I did it, and she was fine, and we went back to sleep until 9.

Today has been wonderful.  My girls love being together, entertaining each other, free to walk all over the house, eat together, and just be.  I love being with everyone.  Not driving back and forth from the hospital... not worrying about the schedule of who's with Tenley next, and what Taryn is doing, and having nurses and doctors in and out all day and night.  
Thankful seems like such a simple word to describe how I feel.  
Yet thankful I am for every minute home.



Kaymee said...

wow! by the end, you'll get your nurses certificate!!! SOOO glad you are home. what a relief for a bit :)

Chris and Annalisa said...

Yay for being home! I loved the "going home outfit." So cute. The picture of Tenley kissing the computer breaks my heart!

ericksonslc said...

Thankful doesn't even come close to describe how we feel. Taryn isn't about to let go of her little sister. They are both so happy to be with each other again. Boy do we love you guys!!

rae said...

This is the best Thanksgiving gift ever! I've been checking constantly to get an update, i am in tears thinking of the girls together again at last!! So happy for your Shawna, you are one tough cookie and you remain in our thoughts and prayers!

Yay for Tenley!!!


Megan said...

I am overjoyed for your family! How wonderful that Tenley is home!!! I hope all continues to go well!!! You, Tenley, and the rest of your family remain in my thoughts!!!

sara b said...

Such great news Shawna! I'm so glad she can be home when Rob come too. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you :)

Abe and Lisa said...

Your girls are amazing. So happy your home. Meds sure can be overwhelming and those ones sure sound like it... way to handle it all Shawna! and the skyping pic is adorable. She sure loves her daddy!

Allison and Josh said...

So happy for you guys! Those pictures are to die for! I love the one of her kissing the computer. So sweet. Brought tears to my eyes! Love you guys.