Thursday, November 3, 2011

PIctures are here....

I finally got my camera pictures downloaded! Most of my card was already filled of pictures from The Andelin family farm/Pumpkin Patch in Sparks, Gardner Village, Taryn dressed as the cutest Minnie Mouse, and my family showing our love for food at Cafe Rio.
All blog worthy events... and I want to get to them at some point.

but these pictures pull at my heartstrings and make me smile all at the same time.
very blog worthy pictures...
Our first day after being admitted into ICS at Primary Children's

messy hair from a crazy couple of nights....

This rocking chair is where we spend most of our time
(puffy eyes from a lot of tears...)


Seeing each other for the first time in a few days!!

Happy drinking a jamba juice...

Playing with her favorite things:
Aunt Lisa's quiet book and Daddy's ipad


Me and my Kim

The view from our room.

Sweet baby cheeks

One of my favorite moments thus far...
Sipping diet coke, eating french fries, and watching Tangled.
I love you my booga baby!
You make me so proud!!!


Katherine said...

her little cheeks are just so sweet, i want to squeeze them! what a strong baby, such an example to us all! thanks for the pics!

Allison and Josh said...

Shawna, these pictures are so beautiful and so touching. You have the cutest little family. You are all in my every prayer. Love you!

Ali said...

Each picture is so special, but oh man. The one of her smile at seeing her big sister Taryn after a few days about did me in. What a precious relationship they share. And yes, her Daddy looks pretty smitten with her.

Mallory said...

So glad to see her doing well:) She is beyond adorable and such a happy, strong little one! You are all so strong! lots of prayers and love from all of us back in sparks:)

Todd and Jenn said...

Love these pictures! You can feel so much love in all of them.

Natalie in Sparks said...

Cute pictures! I love seeing your girls together too - despite the circumstances. How is Taryn reacting to all this? I sure it's hard to see her sister in the hospital. They both look happy though - what a tender mercy to capture these beautiful moments and focus on the positive things. I love Elder Wirthlins quote you put in the newest post. And the words about your dad are very touching and inspiring.