Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sisters Forever

Taryn has been curious, yet so understanding of all this.  She gets that Tenley is sick and has to stay at the hospital.  She woke up one morning and coughed, then gasped and said, "Mom I need to wear one of those white masks so I don't get germs on Tenley!"
She understands more than I give her credit for.

My Mom told me one afternoon Taryn was pretty tired and in need of a nap, she took her in the girls room and rocked her, then said do you want to lay down in Grandma's bed?  Or Amy's bed?  Or this bed? All of which Taryn cried no...  Then she asked, Do you want to lay in Tenley's crib?
Her answer was Yes.

She laid in Tenley's crib and cried for 20 minutes.

These sisters are never really apart.  They are 3 years apart, but really they have never been apart.  They know life as being together.  Waking up together, eating together, riding in the car together.  All of which I took for granted.  Their world has changed dramatically, and I am so impressed with how well they both are taking it.

Taryn is having sooooo much fun playing with new and old friends, being spoiled by Grandma, getting her makeup done by Amy every morning, and basking in all the attention she is getting.
She eats it up.
But she is smart, and has emotions just like any other girl.  She misses her Tenley, and every now and then she has break downs just like the rest of us.

Monday morning was school.  I was at the hospital, and as my mom got her ready and was driving her to school, Taryn cried saying all she wanted to do was go the the "hostible" and see Tenley.
So what would any Grandma do?
Take her strait to see her sister.

I am so glad she did, because starting that day, Monday November 14th, there are no kids allowed to visit under the age of 14 at Primary's.  Luckily they got approval for this one last visit.  It was just me, Taryn, and Tenley hanging out watching Tinkerbelle, eating yogurt, and playing with toys.

I prayed that their visit would be a special one knowing it may be Taryn's last time there throughout Tenley's treatments.  Thankfully we will have our week long breaks in between treatments, and I am hoping by the time they allow young kids to visit this next spring, we will be done and out of there for good.  I hope.

It was a special visit indeed....


Pennie said...

Shawna- Thanks for the updates and pictures of your most Beautiful girls!!! Please know you are all in my prayers continually. Much love-

Anonymous said...


Lara said...

Shawna... you are an INCREDIBLE mom and you have such adorable girls. Thank you so much for sharing so honestly. Your faith is inspiring and uplifting. Much love to you and your family.

Amber said...

You don't know me but I have been following your blog for a little bit. I am one of Ali Fenlons friends and my husband knows Michelle Flamm so that is how I found your blog. I don't normally comment on peoples blogs that I don't know, but I just read this post and am crying! Your family is amazing and I am so sorry for what you are going through. Your girls are adorable. I can truly feel the spirit through your blog and family. I am praying for your family and know that am everything will be ok!

ericksonslc said...

These girls are beautiful just like their mother! Sisters help sisters do hard things! I love you!

Mindy said...

Beautiful... beautiful posts, beautiful babies, beautiful momma. I read these with tears in my eyes. You are so so strong. I look up to you as a mother! You are amazing!

Heather and Dave said...

What a sweet tribute to your little ladies. They are lucky to have such a fun mom and to have each other as sisters. The winter months will fly by and hopefully with Skype, they'll be able to chit chat and dance and sing together in the mean time. Keep up the good work strong mama!!

Megan said...

Your girls are adorable!!! What sweet sisters!!! I think you are a wonderful mommy, too! :)

Andrea said...

I love that her shirt fits...So cute!!!

kmperkins said...

I love all you Wilson girls mire than words can say!!