Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Gateway

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed to Gateway with Kim, Ava, and baby Gage. We had some lunch at the new Jason's Deli, strolled through Baby Gap - where I found cute summer jammies for $4.99 and a swim suit for $5.99! Can't beat that!...Then we sat by the fountains and Ava was trying to get the courage to run through them...she had on her cute new cinderella swim suit that her "baby brother brought for her." The fountains stopped for a couple minutes so she ran out there to play and then they shot back up and one sprayed right on her little bum! Kim and I couldn't stop laughing!

getting nervous

Too scared

Those look like fun!

Little buddies

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Scott and Natalie said...

Oh she's so tiny! But I am happy that she is so healthy! I had to get Lincoln's four month shots today and it was so sad! I really hate it. I can't imagine watching him get his blood drawn! He was in the 75th for weight and get this the 25th for height! He is so fat and short I love it!