Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Little Peanut

So after the Birthday Bash comes the one year check-up with the pediatrician. We went in on Monday expecting some shots and tears...the last time we were there Taryn had dropped 2 lbs, she was up to 16 lbs. in March and in April was 14 lbs. So he was a little concerned (she had been sick with the flu and another ear infection.) He said he wasn't going to worry about it that time. Well, her weight was only up to 15.98 and she is in the 0 percentile! this time he seemed a little more worried and wanted to do a few tests to make sure there wasn't something else involved in making her such a skinny little thing. WAY TO MAKE ME WORRY!!! He ordered a Cystic Fibrosis test and also some ones related to her Iron and Thyroid. We convinced ourselves that CF (cystic fibrosis) was out of the picture based on the fact she had absolutely NO other symptoms besides the nutrition part. And after worrying about something not being right in her cute little body I decided to get another opinion from my previous pediatrician that my family has all gone too and loves. He checked her out and thought maybe she could be anemic, but that is not a serious problem at all...just add more iron to her diet. He also ordered a couple more tests related to the anemic question. Wednesday morning we headed up to Primary's and were greeted at the outpatient lab. The staff was so friendly and explained everything they we're going to do in detail with pictures and all. But of course you're never fully prepared to watch your own child be hooked up to cords and straps and then have to get their blood drawn. A million times worse than shots! She was such a brave little thing....they kept her entertained with bubbles and fun singing toys. For the CF they did a chloride sweat test where she had gauzed strapped to her arms with a chemical that made her sweat and then on top were some small metal plates that send a weak electrical currant that makes a tingly sensation. That only lasted for 5 minutes and I think the straps on her arms scared her more than the tingling.

Then they wrapped plastic and ace bandages around her arms to make sure the sweat didn't evaporate while we waited 30 minutes. We went upstairs to visit my sister Lisa who works in the dental clinic but she could only wave "hi", they were so busy...

then we played with toys, they have some pretty sweet toys!

Then it was on to the worst part of all....getting the blood drawn. I don't know how I had the courage to stay in the same room and not shed a tear, but I stayed and it was hard. They had to do it twice because the first time they went through the vain, seriously so sad! All in all there were 6 tests to run and we're still waiting to hear back about two.

But GOOD NEWS....she doesn't have CF, her thyroid is fine, and she's not anemic!!! YAY!!! So, she's just our little peanut and that's just fine by me! I guess we'll just keep adding butter to her food and be grateful she's healthy and happy!! :)


Anonymous said...

OH, I'm so glad she's ok. Things like that are soooo scary!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am relieved that Taryn doesn't have CF and anemia! These tests sounded scary. I have a friend whose 2 year old girl is still small with her very short hair but she will outgrow soon. Don't worry. Taryn will outgrow fine.

Lindsey said...

So scary, but glad to hear that all is well!