Monday, May 12, 2008


To end our weekend of events we celebrated Mother's Day... Robbie got me the Magic Bullet set!

YES, I've wanted this for awhile, how he remembers these things is beyond me...I got lucky in this department! He also made me homemade Egg Mcmuffins and a strawberry Lemonade slushy (using my new gift) And then later cleaned the kitchen... yup I scored a keeper!
So this was my second Mother's Day. Last year at this time I was home with my brand new baby girl. I have loved and enjoyed all the moments of being a new mother. It is truly amazing the love I have for my baby. I love this job and wouldn't trade it for a thing!

I also love my mom! Thank you for being such a fun, kind, loving, would do anything for me mom. You're the best and I hope I can be just like you!

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Mindy said...

Honestly, how perfect can a weekend get? Jane saw Taryn's dress and said,'Oh, her wearing my dress"
I am as impressed with Robby as I am with your new layout!