Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Learning to walk... it's a long road, unless you have the perfect shoes!

Taryn is about this close (do a little pinch with your fingers) to walking all by herself. She's now brave enough to walk back and forth from one person to the other, but doing the task alone is still a little intimidating. She loves to push her sesame street walker type thing along our driveway. If she had it her way she'd go strait out into the street and never stop.
My mom was kind enough to supply her with enough footwear to last through the fall and maybe even winter depending on how fast her small feet grow! She said, "the shoes will help her have the confidence to walk!" - at least that was her excuse to my Dad for buying 4 pairs of puddle jumpers. What would we do without grandmas!
I think she was right...take a look at her getting the courage to make those first steps.

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Anonymous said...

love the update!! love the shoes!!! she is so, so close to walking all on her own. keep up the fun stuff shawna!
Aunt B