Monday, August 25, 2008

Football has made it's debut

Friday evening we headed over to Olympus High to support my brother as he dressed for the teams first big game. It's about a 5 minute walk from our house to the school so we packed up the stroller and made the short trek over. Taylor was one of ten sophomores that was chosen to dress in his uniform, I thought that was pretty cool! It brought back a lot of memories walking around the track and seeing all the high school kiddos (they really look so young!) flirting and sporting their summer tan lines. Those were some fun days! I'm excited for the upcoming Friday nights to watch more games and hopefully the Titans can bring in some wins.

Making our way over - notice Taryn trying to pull Robbie!

Her worried face as Hillcrest makes a touchdown.

Her many other faces.

Uncle B making her giggle.

Her new friend, this little girl was her entertainment! I hope we see her again!



Lindsey said...

Is Taryn walking by herself now!?! Yay for Taryn!!! (Just be aware that it opens up a whole new world for the both of you!!!)

AmberLou said...

Looks like fun! How fun to go to an Olympus game again! Hey... how do you post pictures where there are little ones all together? (like the ones where Taryn showed her many faces?) Do you just post them as small pics and rearrange them like you did?