Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Dudes

Today is my little brother's 16th birthday. Wow, I can't believe he is that old...I remember being in junior high and thinking he and Amy would never get big. I was very wrong. He is about the cutest brother a girl could ask for. The lucky guy has three sisters to hang around so he's had his fair share of watching how us women work. I love my brother because we are so much alike! Lisa and Amy are the smart-never-forget-anyone-or-anything people (I'm not saying Tay and I are not smart, it's just every now and then we have a few brain malfunctions.) Some of our similarities include...

1. We never remember things, especially if it happened a week or longer ago.
2. We could survive off of cereal and fruit snacks

3. We are both pretty mellow people
4. Taylor is basically the male version of a ditz - I mean that with the utmost respect (if it makes you feel any better Taylor, I just googled the word utmost because I first wrote upmost and then thought...that probably is the wrong word!)

Basically we enjoy the simple things that life brings. Thanks for sharing a brain like mine Tay and I hope you have a terrific 16th birthday! I love you!!!

Now a shout out to my Dado who I think turned 29 this past Saturday. (Insert Janeen Brady's "My Dad is the greatest Dad" song to describe how I feel about my Dad - He also makes a pretty good grandpa.) I listened to these Janeen Brady songs ALL THE TIME when I was little and I really thought this song was about my I'll just type up the lyrics so you can have the full effect...

My dad’s the biggest guy, and my dad’s the strongest guy, and my dad’s the nicest guy of any guy in town.

He can do anything, he’ll fix your bike or fly your kite, cause my dad, my dad’s the greatest guy around.

He can throw a ball so high you think it’s going to break the sky; he knows the name of every kind of jet (vrooooooom);

He can add up any sum; he always has money for bubble gum. I haven’t figured how he does it yet.

But, my dad’s the smartest guy, and my dad’s the bravest guy, and my dad’s the neatest guy. It’s positively so.

Maybe I’ll introduce you, then you’ll know that it’s the truth that my dad, my dad’s the greatest guy you know!

Love you Dad!

Happy Birthday's!!!

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Jordan and Brooke said...

oh my goodness! how cute is my little neice learning how to walk? that is the cutest thing seeing her push her car thingy! oh i miss her tons well as you and robbie of course. hope all is well! love you guys!