Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My good friend Natalie is in town for a few days so yesterday we grabbed some Cafe Rio and took our little peeps to the "Cinderella" park. We decided it takes us A LOT longer to just get some lunch and have a picnic now that these babies have entered our world. But we made the best of the little time we had.

Taryn was so funny trying to be a mommy to Lincoln. She kept trying to put his binki in his mouth and feed him puffs. But when it came to him playing with any toys she made sure to snatch them back. We'll have to work on the sharing thing.

There were some older kids swinging on the other side and they were all bummed out when Lincoln's swinging motion was in sync with theirs..."Oh man, I'm married to the baby!" Ha, Natalie and I thought that was pretty funny, she even caught it on video.

Dangit! We were talking about the fact that there aren't many pictures of ourselves on our blogs - we shouldv'e taken one! Guess that's a good reason for us to see each other again before you go!

Here's our picture! Yay for us...

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