Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some may say I have a problem...

I may have a little problem, you see as I went to Alby's (yes that is what I call Albertson's since I became a coupon sense member 2 years ago) tonight to drop off a red box movie and pick up some toothpaste...I stumbled upon a deal that made me take a double look.


It had me sold as a picture of Diet Coke was below these heavenly words.

(my purchase)

So the addiction lives on. I think if I wanted to stop, I could. Cold turkey. But why, when I love it so much? As I was clicking through the different blogs that I have become almost a daily visitor to (stalker sounds too creepy and I do not consider myself creepy) I stumbled upon this perfect description of a diet coke addicts tale. So I hope this cute and creative lady from beyond the point of the mountain doesn't mind me copying and pasting her ever so clever "break up" with our torn lover...

the break up

Diet_coke dear coca-cola inc,

what friggin geniuses do you have running your ad campaigns?? maybe we can put them to use solving the energy crises or figuring out how to help iraq run itself! due to the pierce-me-right-through-the-heart ads that could only be thought up by a true diet coker i am having considerable difficulty setting the date for my detox. i especially love the commercial where the pretty girl is on her computer (blogging, i'm sure) and reaches for her drink only to discover she didn't have a drink! oh how she and i chuckled and both went to get a new one from the fridge...and then! and then!! the ads end with the touching and true sign off: "yours, diet coke" and tears well up in my eyes. you see, only a true diet coke addict would understand that it is more than a drink; so much more than a fizzing, tingling, forehead relaxing refreshment. it is a friend. to each drinker it promises "i am yours". but this friendship comes with a heavy price, coca-cola, don't think you're fooling this girl! i am well aware of the bloated life of addiction that it entangles its lovers in. that price has caused a few break ups for us in the past, but i'm afraid this time i've had enough. i'm serving the papers. we're through. your clever tricks to get me to stay won't work. it's true, no one understands me like you. no one knows the paradox of my yoga ways and toxic refreshments like you do. but i'm afraid it's too little, too late. don't cry my love, we'll always have paris.

no longer "yours", (well....starting in a few days), km

Well said KM - It is so much more than a drink, but I am not quite ready to have a broken heart yet...maybe one day I can become as strong as you!

I also loved this little line from a previous post she had written -

"oh! how i hate you diet coke. i curse the day your sweet nectar ever touched my lips! (i loves my preciousssss....)"


The Mcclellan Family said...

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