Thursday, October 9, 2008

Help me out here cause I'm losing my mind!

Ok, so I've been collecting the Wizard of Oz toys they've been giving in Happy Meals at McDonald's and there are only THREE left that I need! Today is the last day they are giving them out and I've called pretty much every McDonald's around town speaking to Mexican's who hardly know English asking what toys they have left. I guess you could say I have a case of the "Beany Baby Disease!" Remember the obsession people had with those things! (I know my mom had one...) Anyway so basically I'm asking for my fellow bloggers (that includes you, stalkers) to lend me a hand. If you or someone you know has the three dolls I've circled here PLEASE let me know and I will give you a great reward...that could include a free haircut by yours truly!! Yes, I am serious. You probably think I'm a weirdo, but whatever...I just want these damn dolls. Sorry for the naughty word, but I'm at my wits end and it's really consumed all of me! Ok, so be a gem and if you're driving past a McDonald's today think of me and make a quick stop for some chicken nuggets and ask if they have the Scarecrow, Tinman, or the Munchkin with a flower on her head.

Ok, that's all.



Heidi said...

Okay... first, I have no dolls so if you want to skip reading, that's fine.

Second: I seriously was just at my sister in laws and we were talking about these dolls. I told her I specifically avoided MC'D's for this very purpose: It would drive me crazy to not have the complete set.

Third: Oh praise heaven that someone else is obsessed with having the whole set of something besides me! I was feeling a little crazy!

Fourth: Good luck - I mean, even with the use of the naughty word an all. (I just called my sister in law and she only has the Wizard, so... sorry... I gave it an honest effort.)

Lindsey said...

Sorry that I can't help you out here, but can I just say that I love reading your blog because you make me laugh so hard! Those dolls look so cute, I don't blame you for wanting them all!

JamieD said...

You're hilarious Shawna-
So I'm trying to track down the tin-man for you. You're going to scream but we got like 4 of him and I threw most of them away. However don't give up hope on him or the scarecrow cuz I saw both of them in my neighbors car the other day so I am in the process of having her find them too. We'll be in touch. I wish I would have known earlier that you loved these ugly things cuz I would have saved them but like every other stupid McDonalds toy we get I toss them within 3 days! Good Luck and I'll talk to you soon.

Richelle said...

Hey Shawna... It's Richelle Saba from your old ward. I peek at your blog from time to time and I'm laughing so hard at this post! I happen to have the Munchkin with the flower on her head and you can have her... I don't even know how I ended up with it! E-mail me and I can get it to you.
P.S. Taryn is ADORABLE!!

Shawna Wilson said...

Jamie - yes they are ugly and I totally made fun of the wizard and lollipop dude, but then I got the lion and dorothy and now I've become a freak about getting them all! If I would have done this a week ago I'm sure I'd find them with no problem at any Mikky D's! Keep you're eye far you're my only hope for Mr. Tin-man and Mr. Scarecrow.

Jones Fam said...

Yo - good news! I have the tin man!!!! I will have to locate it for you when we get back from our trip!

Anonymous said...

try here if you still would like them :)

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