Sunday, October 12, 2008

A warm win for Olympus, a cold night for everyone else!

My brother Taylor got to play in the Olympus High Homecoming game this past Friday and I think his sister's are his BIGGEST fans! He had some awesome plays and probably even heard us screaming in the process. This game was fun, but COLD. Seriously bone chilling COLD. Luckily I found this adorable coat for Taryn earlier this week so she was ready for the COLD.

I want to gobble up those cheeks!

Robbie and I

Brett and Lisa

This one makes me giggle.

And how PERFECT is this picture?!?!?


Carrie Ross said...

Oh my gosh! You guys are seriously the cutest family ever! Taryn is SO darling! I love her coat..and the picture with her tounge out is priceless! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...


Oh cute!!! I love the last picture of you, Taryn and Lisa smiling!!! These colors are so perfect for fall! I am sorry that it was very cold for you guys at Taylor's game. bbbbbbbrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

Love, Aunt Liz