Thursday, October 2, 2008

Um, Fall cookies are yummy?

My hands are still shaking because I literally just choked on one of these,

Marvelous Delightful Pumpkin Cookies.

Yes, I was so excited to eat one up (more like inhale) I shoved one frantically in my mouth and then realized - oh crap I'm choking...need the Heimlich...Robbie's not here....ok, run to the new neighbor's who just moved in next door!?

It's probably a good thing no one was around, they would have looked at me like I was a freak, I've never heard those kinds of sounds before, trying to cough up a "srumdidilyumpcious" cookie. But, I'm harm done. Just the shakes, like the kind you get when you almost get in an accident.

I'll recover.

Anyway...back to the point of this post. I feel like it's officially fall. The weather was a little cooler today with some overcast and I had all the ingredients to make my Aunt Becky's famous pumpkin cookies! I never know how things are going to turn out when it comes to our 100 year old oven. That thing has a mind of it's own, so it must have been liking these guys tonight.

Tuesday I wasn't so lucky.

Those new neighbors I referred to earlier...well being the nice homemaker and wanting to make a good impression girl that I am, I thought I'd make them some homemade brownies and a card with a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" on it (hand made mind you)

Ya, I guess the oven wasn't in the mood.

After, DOUBLE BOILING the Godiva chocolate chips and butter...
to Albertson's because I was car-less and realized I was out of vanilla extract (and I had already knocked on a few neighbor's one home)
walked back.
and $60.00 spent...ya only vanilla?
Remember all those groceries were in my STROLLER!! onward with the baking of the brownies.

Vanilla, eggs, can't remember the rest of the ingredients that were added, but the batter looked perfect, and tasted perfect, and to make it even better, chocolate chips were spread over the top.

I double check the oven temp.
Set the timer - ok, good to go.
5 minutes later...uh-oh, burning smell...
go into the kitchen, smoke coming out of the burners on top.
Ya, somehow I must have bumped the temperature knob because it was at
Naughty words are said
I almost burn my hands when ripping the pans out of the oven.
Try to salvage what unburned parts remain.
Ugly, not pretty anymore.
Put the remaining chocolate chips on top.
reset timer.
Check after timer goes off.
Set for 5 minutes.
Gooey, crispy around edges.
Set another 5 minutes.
Blah, ugly, and only 1/2 inch thick.
Robbie liked them.
Go figure.

Today the new neighbors got the handmade card with cookie's that Robbie's mom dropped off before he took her to the airport to visit Brooke, Jordan and that sweet new baby.


The reason for the long post - there is no Office tonight - just a dumb boring debate.


On a positive note...I finally figured out how to HYPERTEXT!!!

High Five!


Jones Fam said...

I love the longest post EVER!! ;)

The Mcclellan Family said...

Hey there! Glad you liked the foot candy I bought. I love the new pup, that was the idea of the year I tell ya. We are going up to Thanksgiving Point on Saturday morning, if you and Taryn wan't to join us and the rest of the dinosaurs you are beyond welcome to, Becky has my number and I'm sure she has yours I will try to get a hold of her and then call you. P.S. Can I have some of your baked goods sometime? I don't bake, I burn.

Heidi said...

Okay... totally have been there. Except for it wasn't with brownies and I'm pretty sure whatever I took over to unsuspecting neighbors was UNDER-cooked... but whatever! I know the feeling!

Thank goodness I'm gifted with baking now and everything I cook turns to yummy goodness!!! Hooray ME!

All kidding aside:

1) I'm totally happy you posted a comment on my sad, neglected little blog...

2) I might seriously take you up on boy haircuts because if they hear me asking where a comb and spray bottle are, they cry thinking it's "that time" again...


3) I always need another blog to stalk!!! And seriously? What's better than stalking your up the street neighbors daughters blog?


Happy to "find" you here in blogger land! Hope to "see" you in my neck of the blogging woods! :)

Carrie Ross said...

I tag you for the husband tag! Just look at my blog.
P.S. The cookies look awesome!

Lindsey said...

You are too funny! At least the cookies look delish, and don't worry, I always have to wolf down a hot out of the oven cookie as well, ESPECIALLY pumpkin!