Monday, October 20, 2008

Singing like a rock star

I've been teaching Taryn how to sing itsy bitsy spider and she loves to do it over and over again. Now that she's caught onto using her voice for "singing," she does it A LOT. Last night as we had dinner with everyone at my parents house, she was quite the entertainer. Singing and swaying her arms and all with a serious face. That is until we smiled and laughed...then it was all giggles. I love this age, even though she is "into everything," it's so fun to see how much she is learning everyday!

*Don't pay attention to the mess, remember I have a little monster roaming my house.


Brooklyn Norton said...

love your little stinker! she's soo cute!

Jeanette said...

She's so cute, I just love that age, too! I so miss Lucy at that age, but I guess it just keeps on getting better.

Becky said...

Love, Love watching this little girl. Hey you forgot to blog about Amy's birthday.

Jones Fam said...

She is soooo cute!! I love her!

Anonymous said...


Taryn is a cute star in these fun videos! I love to watch Taryn!

I love you soooooo much!

Love, Aunt Liz