Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swings and Laundry Baskets...

Two of Taryn's favorite things right now...



We took a Sunday afternoon walk over to Evergreen Park and Taryn was in heaven flying back and forth in the baby swing. I think she really would have loved to be in there for an hour just swinging and watching all the other kids play.

watching the other kiddos

she loves to whisper this word over and over again

Love that face

And for me, the laundry basket has become very useful to stick the little rug rat in! Especially when I need to make the bed or... fold laundry! Plus, she thinks it's a fun new game and hasn't yet tried to climb out... perfect for both of us!

her new face for the camera


Melissa and Allen said...

Hi! You are so funny. Of COURSE I remember you. I'm glad you found my blog! Your blog is SO cute. I love the background. And your daughter is adorable. How old is she? I love finding old friends! We'll have to keep in touch via blogging. Where are you guys living?

steele life said...

Hey Shawna, I saw your comment on melissa's blog. And I remember you from high school. my name is sara (stevens) steele. It is soo great to see you and your cute family. You should check out my blog.
see ya

steele life said...

ps i looked back on your blogs, and I saw some old friends like katie smith and tiare and lisa and stuff, I was in there singles ward forever. how fun to see them too. does katie have a blog?

Lindsey said...

So cute! It seems that Caylin and Taryn have many of the same interests! I love her new face. In response to your question - wherever-Mervyn's, Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, wherever the clothes are cute and cheap!

Nordhoff Family said...

She is serciously so cute and I love all the cute bows and the cute clothes you have for her. You are such a stylish woman!

Christi said...

Josh loves the laundry basket, too! He loves to push them all around the house!