Sunday, June 8, 2008


I wanted to try on this cute dress on Taryn that I got from a baby shower. It said 12 months on the tag so I figured it would be plenty big...but I was very wrong! I got it over her head and pulled one arm through but then I couldn't get it off, on either end! I had to grab the camera for some funny pictures and that really confused Taryn because she was bawling but then saw the camera so she thought she was suppose to here's how the photo shoot went....





Crying and Smiling





It's off - but I'm still mad and laughing?

Now I'm happy cause I'm holding the tag!

WHAAAAA....Mom took it away!


Lindsey said...

That is too funny!!!

CarrieRoss said...

Oh my gosh! What a riot! She is so dang funny! that first picture is priceless! What a little model!

Jordan and Brooke said...

what a cute neice i have! I thought this was the funniest blog ever! Taryn is so silly! You have to just love you to pieces! I do! I don't get to see enough of her!

Shanny said...

What a professional. No matter how in pain or angry the little model is she knows that when a camera is pointed at her she needs to pull herself together and SMILE! You have a very funny litte girl, but after looking at the pics of your sisters it doesn't surprise me at all.

Jordan and Brooke said...

Isn't the hat cute? Jordan got it for me for my birthday! Good work huh? I keep thinking i need to post pictures of my tummy, I just never do. I'll get on top of that!

Travis and Liz Felix said...

Long time no talk! I heard you had a baby, and he is darling- such a Cox baby!

This post was hilarious, I laughed for at least 60 seconds straight... anyways, I am glad that you are doing well!