Sunday, June 15, 2008


We took Taryn to her first day at the zoo this week and had loads of fun. She loved the monkeys, giraffes, Elephants, and maybe the snakes? (Not sure, I didn't go in that one...yucky snakes and yucky smell, no thanks!) I think Robbie had even more fun. He's still quite the little kid and gets excited for this sorta of his many qualities that I love!

This had to have been one of the CUTEST things I've ever seen! These little tiny monkeys were climbing all over the place and one spotted Taryn as Robbie held her up to the glass. It came right over and put it's little hands on the glass and he (or she?) and Taryn stared at each other... Taryn screamed with excitement and everyone around us kept saying "ooh look how cute!"

"Gobble Gobble"

I think Giraffes are my favorite...tall, quite, and long pretty eyelashes.

Check out that tongue!

Cute mama and her baby. So sweet.

Don't want to miss anything!


Merry-Go-Round Zebra style!

Robbie's hand and my hand compared to the Gorilla

Robbie's arms are almost the size of a

What a day!
Ready for a snooze.

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