Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To cut or not to cut...that is the question.

I've had the itch lately to chop off my hair. I'm one of those girls who tries and tries to grow it out, but ends up losing the battle because I have NO PATIENCE! Plus , my hair grows about an inch a year...seriously if you look back to pictures from October I think it's at the exact same length and I've only trimmed it a tiny bit! So I've set up a poll to get your opinion. Robbie says no...that's because I remind him to say that when I get to this stage of the growing out process. But of course he likes my locks longer - even though I have threatened him to ALWAYS say it looks cute when I change it. What can I say, I'm a hairstylist and can't keep it the same for too long. I get way too bored.

Here's a few pictures to help you make your decision...

Me today

My locks at Lisa's wedding

Shorter hair

Me with extensions

If I'm going to cut it, I'm REALLY going to chop it. Something short and sassy...maybe not such a drastic asymmetrical cut like Ms. posh here...but similar.

Maybe like my friend Heather who always has a cute short haircut (the one on the far right)

Like I said...I DON'T KNOW so help me out! Thanks!


Poe said...

I am a girl of extremes - I say either really short or extensions. :) No matter what, your hair always looks cute though! (and I'm not just saying that)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawna,

I like the first picture on the top best. I like your hair down to your shoulder. You look soooo cute with your cute smiles! I did vote.

I love you sooooo MUCH!!!!!!

Aunt Liz :-)

Anonymous said...

i love your hair any way you do it! you have the ablity to pull off any hair style so go for it if you want it short!!

love ya,
your favorite Aunt!!

Anonymous said...

SHORT! do it! since you know you look good with it short, and you actually know how to style it short.. (unlike me), cut it! Chop it!