Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flashback to the 8o's

Last Saturday night we had a party with all our pals at our place that was

80’s themed!

Thanks to all you who got into the spirit of bringing the 80's back for the night...I went all out and was afraid I'd be the only one (so of course I made Robbie dress up too!) We had the top 100 songs from the 8o's playing...which I tried to play on my awesome "ghetto blaster" (as my mom would say) that I got for my 16th B-day - but it was having technical difficulties so we used Taryn's Barbie CD player!

I got this leotard for my eighth birthday (keep in mind it's VERY stretchy!) and I bet if I looked through some old pictures at my mom's I could find one of me pulling this EXACT same face when I tried it on with the matching spandex shorts. Awesome! - Robbie thought he was married to a 10 year old all night.

And we finally figured out I was a dead on match for Stephanie from full house! Ha, it's TRUE!

Natalie is always my partner in crime when it comes to themed parties! I love her "matching" socks and PERFECT teased bangs...I think we would have been a perfect pair back in '88 (since I was 4 and she was 10) - ha, I'm the youngest one out of our friends...they joked when they came by saying,

"were you even alive in the 80's???"

YES - "HOW RUDE" as Stephanie used to say on Full house.

Ba'dair (aka Brian Adair) went for the preppy look. Always advertising his company with a shirt - this time in hot pink - and his hair was classic with the slick combed back spiky part line.

Even though Lisa and Brett didn't dress for the occasion, they still looked great and we're glad they came!

Ben and Mindy...we need to see you more often!!

John and Jill
Robbie rides with John to work everyday and I don't think he could handle his job if John wasn't his sidekick!

Brooke and Jordan
He strutted his stuff lookin' like Magnum P.I in his pink polo and short shorts...only Jordan could pull off this look and not have everyone gagging

What a hottie

The Wilson girls - rock on.


Jordan and Brooke said...

We're so sexy!

M-M said...

You look cute in this leotard!