Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alfalfa, Home Depot, and the guy who ROCKS my world!

First off... let me just say I am so blessed to have Robbie as my husband! He made a delicious dinner tonight. (which he saw on TV today) It was london broil stake with a side of coleslaw and polenta (Italian cornbread) and also yummy summer "sweet" corn - my family always makes fun of Robbie for saying there really is a difference between "sweet corn" and... "regular corn?" Whatever, corn is just corn, but yes there is fresh and the not so fresh kind. Back to my dinner was yumalicios and without me even saying a word he cleaned EVERYTHING UP! Hey, if I make the dinner... he's cleaning up. So wow I wasn't expecting that! What a great guy... and I bet if I asked right now for him to whip me up a shake in the magic bullet blender he would do it in a jiffy. I guess I take him for granted. So here's a thanks to having a wonderful husband who treats me like his queen!

Now here are some pictures to enjoy....

Yes my child has hair, just where it sticks up like Alfalfa!

13 months old and still fits in the sink...she is now afraid of the big white tub!

Testing out the patio furniture today while Daddy wondered the all famous Dad store..."Home Depot"

Ooooohhh, this is comfy!

Who wears short shorts??
Those are some CUTE legs!

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Cute pictures! Do you loan Robbie out? Just wondering.