Sunday, June 29, 2008

A night out on the town

These girls just want to have FUN! And that's what we did - there was no talk of kids, babies, husbands, or anything else mommy related. We got crazy and ate dessert first at the olive garden with some yummy frozen raspberry lemonades. Then a stop at Mervyns since it was already after 9 and the mall had closed...we found a few good finds (what's a girls night without a little shopping???) Then on to the movie...we saw "What Happens in Vegas" - my new favorite show! I've seen it twice now and if anyone wants to go for a third time, I'm down! But the best part of all had to be our awesome photo shoot at the end of the night. Kim and Natalie are a little sleep deprived from their new additions so...

sleep deprivation + a camera = weirdness.

Amber making the car seat look cool

Thanks for the fun night chicas!

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Nick and Lexie said...

Shawna, I am so glad I found your blog. I've been doing some blog stalking and I found ya! I can't believe your your little baby girl is, time flies! How are you guys doing? What are you up to?